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Café Mayer - Breakfast  menu

Café Mayer – Breakfast  menu

Breakfast is served until 13:00

Happy Hour:  20% Food 30% Alcohol   
Sunday – Thursday 12:00-13:30 & 17:30-19:30
*Drink’s and Mayer breakfast are not included

Mayer Breakfast    124 | 69 

Eggs selection, dips, bread basket, market salad, hot or cold drink.
Add salmon    12   

cold coffee | frozen lemonade    6       

Vegan Morning    69

Chickpea omelet with caramelized onions & herbs, dips, bread basket, market salad hot or cold drink

cold coffee | frozen lemonade   6

Shakshuka    58

Spicy tomato sauce, eggs, bread basket, tahini, market salad

Choice of feta | eggplant

Poached    56

Poached eggs on brioche, spinach, cream, hollandaise sauce

 Add salmon    12

Croquet Madame Roast Beef    59 

Gouda, mozzarella and veal roast beef on Castan bread with sunny egg

Muesli    38

Yogurt, seasonal fruits, goji berries, chia seeds, granola and date honey


Omelet sandwich | vegan | Tuna    28 | 44

Smoked Salmon    52

Panini    46

Gouda, mozzarella, tomato on castan bread, aioli Mayer and salad


Pears and Pecans    59

A variety of lettuce and red endive, pears in vinaigrette sauce, toasted pecans and Rockfour cheese

Can be replaced with feta cheese

Artichoke Market    56

Tinkerbell pepper, chopped Artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, purple onion, Greek Feta, olives, almonds and herbs

Chicken & Roots    59

Chicken sautéed with mushrooms & caramelized onions with two-colored cabbage, carrots, sprouts, almonds and herbs in tahini vinaigrette

Healthy Quinoa    58

Quinoa, cauliflower, black lentils, cherry tomatoes, cappers, almonds and cranberries on eggplant cream and tahini

Caesar    49

Lettuce hearts, croutons and parmesan in Caesar sauce. Add chicken 16

Simple Greek Salad    54

Tomatoes, cucumber, cherry tomato, Tinkerbelle pepper, Kalamata olives, purple onion & Feta cheese with za’atar

*for vegan dishes | allergies consult the server

 Focaccia bread made in a brick oven    28 

Served with Artichoke tapenade and tomato salsa

Leek Falafel    39

Crispy leek & cheese balls, sour cream and tomato dip

Artichoke Fries    44

Crispy Italian artichoke, tzatziki & spicy dip

Mediterranean Eggplant    39

Roasted Baladi eggplant, tahini, feta, chili and olive oil

Mayer Cauliflower    46

Har Bracha tahini, black pearl lentils, capers, crispy almonds and herbs

Pappardelle Carciofi    64

Yellow cherry tomato cream, tomatoes, herbs and roasted artichokes & chilli pepper

Linguine eggplant cream    58

Eggplant cream, cherry tomato sauce, herbs, chilli pepper and grated egg

Gnocchi Funghi    68

Mushroom, cream sauce and truffle puree

Cheese Ravioli    69

Ravioli filled with cheese, spinach and chestnuts cream

Linguine Bolognese    68

Meat, root vegetables, herbs and tomato stew

Schnitzel    69

Crispy chicken breast with mushed potatoes | potato fries

Chicken Breast    67

Served with green beans and spinach

Hamburger    69

200g beef patty, aioli Mayer and potato fries

Livers    68

Caramelized onions, mushrooms and cream pepper sauce with mashed potatoes

Salmon Fillet    88

Salsa verde, with green beans and spinach

Fish fillet on the grill    92


Mimosa    28

Aperol Spritz    38

Campari tonic & Lemon.    38

Yellow Malibu Style.   42

Rum Malibu, lemon, mango juice with mint

Pink Pasia   42

Bombay Sapphire, Watermelon liqueur, Lemon, Blueberry Juice

Frozen Lemonade | Arak   28 | 34


Unique Israeli coffee blend

Cappuccino                       14| 17

Espresso | Double            11 | 13

Macchiato | Double         11 | 13

Americano                         12 | 15

Black Coffee                      12

Hot Chocolate                   16

Tea Health Tea                 12|17

Iced tea                              18

Iced Coffee                       19

Iced Americano                18


Malbec Almos Mendoza, Argentina    36 | 138

Alma Red Dalton, Israel    42 | 164

Maestro Primitivo Puglia, Italy    39 | 142

Cerro Añon Rioja, Crianza, Spain    154

Sangria    42

Hot | cold


Goldstar| Heineken draft    29|33

Soft drinks

Coke| Zero| 7up| Diet 7up              15

Sparkling Water | Mineral Water    14

San Pellegrino                                     24

Orange juice freshly squeezed         16

Lemonade                                           15

Frozen Lemonade                               28


Pinot Grigi Delle Venezie, Parini, Italy    36 | 136

Gewürztraminer Steinbach, Germany    38 | 142     

Chardonnay Gran Viña Sol Torres, Spain    39 | 144

Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc Villa Maria, New Zealand    42 | 164

Chablis Philip Bouchard, France    48 | 189


Rose | Sparkling

Pinot Grigio Blush Delle Venezie, Parini, Italy    36|136

J.P Chenet ICE Edition White Sparkling wine, France   29 | 108



Something Sweet

Chocolate Fudge    45

With vanilla ice cream

Lemon & Pistachio Pie    45

Basque Cheesecake    45

Affogato    26

Kids Meal

Kid breakfast    39

Toast    37

Pasta | ravioli kids    39| 42

Chicken Nuggets    41